Shelby Township Tanning Beds Macomb Mi

We have a variety of tanning beds suited for any tanning in Macomb Mi.
No matter your desired results we have a proper tanning bed for your needs!

If you wish to tan standing up or laying down, we have a proper bed to suit your unique needs. Products come in a wide variety and our staff is more than happy to help you find the right tanning bed and product to get you the desired result!
Conveniently locating in Shelby Township next to Secretary of State.

Level 1 Ergoline Ambition 250

Shelby Township Michigan, Come on in to Healthy Glo Salon for exceptional service and prices! The Ambition 250's comfort as well as its results benefit from the Body Curve extended tanning surface.
It softly supports you and gives proper positioning for an even distribution of UV light.
Some features include a cooling fan which quietly keeps you cool and comfortable, and high pressure facial tanners.

Level 2 Ergoline 450 Classic

The Classic 450 utilizes a combination of medium and high pressure lamps. A client favorite providing a comfortable ergonomic design and wrap around lamps for full exposure. Features push button controls, and body ventilation system to keep you comfortable throughout your tanning session.

Level 2 Stand Up Sun Capsule x10

Like to tan standing up?
No problem, this stand up tanning unit is the perfect 10 minute tanning solution!

Featuring Sun Capsules patented 5.5 design increasing exposure to the front of the body by 20% with 100% sweat-free tanning. Perfect ventilation in this unit provides exceptional cooling.

Level 3 Ergoline Advantgarde 600

The Avantgarde 600 sets the standard for luxury medium and high pressure tanning. The ergonomic acrylic surface is contoured for your body. You can expect absolute comfort as well as an even tan. Features shoulder tanning lamps, built in air conditioning to ensure a comfortable tanning experience.

Level 4 Ergoline Excellence 850

The powerful 850 is a potent force to be reckoned with. Dominating performance is achieved through 20 High-Pressure units in the canopy, a neck tanner and shoulder tanner. If you prefer laying down and are looking for a deep tan the 850 is for you. Fan circulation will keep you nice and cool during your tanning session.

Level 4 Stand Up Sun Capsule 250 Max

The Sun Capsule 250 is everything you wanted in a vertical tanning system. This state-of-the-art tanning equipment delivers extraordinary results in just 7 minutes.

Cooing is provided to give you the most comfortable experience around. As with all of our machines your tan will be even and contour your body naturally.

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